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Research Title Effect of Voltage Pattern on Intensity of Electromagnetic Emission during Electric Flame-Off Process of Ball Bonding Machine  
Date of Distribution 13 October 2011 
     Title of the Conference The 2nd International Conference on Advances in Materials and Manufacturing Processes  
     Organiser Hong Kong Industrial Technology Research Centre  
     Conference Place Guilin DaZheng Hot Spring Holiday Hotel  
     Province/State Guilin 
     Conference Date 16 December 2011 
     To 18 December 2011 
Proceeding Paper
     Volume 2011 
     Issue 418-420 
     Page 2265-2271 
     Abstract Electromagnetic interference (EMI) can degrade device performance, particularly a sensitive device such as magnetic recording heads. A high applied voltage generates a high electric field in order to break the electrical air gap during a gold ball bonding process. This work, for the first time, investigates the influence of high voltage pattern of a gold ball bond machine on both electric field and magnetic field as an electromagnetic wave by monitoring an intensity of electromagnetic interference. The investigation was carried out by simulation of a live gold ball bond machine operation by using a finite integral technique. The simulation results reveal that the voltage pattern plays an important role in the intensity of electromagnetic radiation (EMR). In conclusion, an ideal voltage pulse of 2 kV and 4 kV generates the highest EMR detected by a monopole antenna. The induced voltage occuring at the antenna reflecting the intensity of EMI blasting was as high as 33.39 V and 71.36 V, respectively. Smoothening the voltage pattern by incrasing the rise time of voltage to 100 ns only, the induced voltage at the antenna was reduced down to 99.90% and 99.92% compairing with the case of an ideal voltage pulse for the peak EFO voltage of 2 kV and 4kV respectively. This concludes the importance of the voltage pattern during a free air ball forming process; hence lowering the risk of the highly sensitive deivce to be damaged by EMI blasting.  
525040002-4 Miss SARUNYA PUAPAIROJ [Main Author]
Engineering Master's Degree

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