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Research Title A Real-time PCR and Melting Curve Analysis for Rapid Detection of Schistosoma mekongi DNA in infected 
Date of Distribution 2 March 2012 
     Organiser Graduate school, Chiang Mai University, Thailand 
     Conference Place The Empress Convention Center, The Empress Hotel 
     Province/State Chiang Mai, Thailand 
     Conference Date 1 March 2012 
     To 2 March 2012 
Proceeding Paper
     Issue HS-P-066 
     Page 473 
     Editors/edition/publisher Graduate school, Chiang Mai University, Thailand 
     Abstract Schistosomiasis is a tropical parasitic disease caused by blood-dwelling fluke worms of the genus Schistosoma whose infective stages, the cercariae, are amplified through mollusks acting as intermediate hosts. People are infected when exposed to fresh water containing cercariae that penetrate the skin. There are however considerable differences in intensity of infection and morbidity, depending on the pattern of exposure and the infective species. In Asia, 3 Schistosoma species cause human infection: Schistosoma japonicum, Schistosoma malayensis, and Schistosoma mekongi. S. mekongi, a blood-dwelling fluke is a water-borne parasite that found in communities along the lower Mekong river basin i.e. Cambodia and Lao PDR. This study was developed a real-time PCR assay combined with melting curve analysis to detect S. mekongi in experimentally infected snails and in fecal samples of infected rats. The procedure is based on the melting curve analysis of a hybrid between an amplicon from S. mekongi mitochondrion sequence and specific fluorophore-labeled probes. The method gave high sensitivity and specificity, could be applies as a fast and reliable tool for cercarial location in environment water in endemic areas, for epidemiological studies and eradication programs for intermediate hosts and for diagnosis of human infection in Asian populations as well as travelers returning from high-risk areas. Keywords: detection, Schistosoma mekongi, real-time PCR, rat feces, snails  
547070011-1 Miss ORANUCH SANPOOL [Main Author]
Medicine Doctoral Degree

Peer Review Status มีผู้ประเมินอิสระ 
Level of Conference นานาชาติ 
Type of Proceeding Abstract 
Type of Presentation Poster 
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     Award Title Excellent poster presentation 
     Type of award รางวัลด้านวิชาการ วิชาชีพ 
     Organiser Graduate school, Chiang Mai University, Thailand 
     Date of awarding 2 มีนาคม 2554 
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