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Research Title Variability of hemoglobin F expression in hemoglobin EE disease: hematological and molecular analysis  
Date of Distribution 16 May 2014 
     Title of the Conference the XXVIIth International Symposium on Technological Innovations in Laboratory Hematology 
     Organiser International Society of Laboratory Hematology 
     Conference Place the World Forum 
     Province/State the Hague, Netherlands 
     Conference Date 15 May 2014 
     To 17 May 2014 
Proceeding Paper
517100002-4 Mr. NARUWAT PAKDEE [Main Author]
Graduate School Doctoral Degree

Peer Review Status มีผู้ประเมินอิสระ 
Level of Conference นานาชาติ 
Type of Proceeding Abstract 
Type of Presentation Poster 
Part of thesis true 
Presentation awarding true 
     Award Title Trainee Travel Award 
     Type of award รางวัลด้านวิชาการ วิชาชีพ 
     Organiser International Society of Laboratory Hematology 
     Date of awarding 16 พฤษภาคม 2557 
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