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Research Title Inheritance of anthocyanin concentration in purple waxy corn (Zea mays L.) Kernel and Cob 
Date of Distribution 14 March 2013 
     Title of the Conference 55th Annual Maize Genetics Conferences 
     Organiser Maize Genetics and Genetics Database  
     Conference Place Pheasant Run  
     Province/State St. Chares, Illinois 
     Conference Date 14 March 2013 
     To 17 March 2013 
Proceeding Paper
     Page 200 
     Abstract The objectives of this study was to determine the inheritance of concentration of several antioxidant compounds in cob and kernel from six populations of waxy corn. For the cross KND10-4p (P1) x Bw (P2), F1, F2, BCP1 and BCP2 generations was developed. All genotypes were planted in a randomized complete block design with three replications at Khon Kaen, Thailand. The results showed that the average of cyanidin-3-glucoside, pelargonidin-3-glucoside, peonidin-3-glucoside, total anthocyanin content, and total phenolic content in cobs are higher than in kernels. Additive and epistatic gene effects explained the genetic variation for anthocyanin content of both kernels and cobs, but the additive gene action was the most importance. Narrow-sense heritability estimates were moderate to high (0.51 to 0.88), indicating that these traits should respond well to selection. Implications for breeding waxy corn with improved anthocyanin levels are discussed. 
537030003-3 Mr. BHORNCHAI HARAKOTR [Main Author]
Agriculture Doctoral Degree

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