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Title of Article Optimization study of suitable pre-reduction agents for selenium analysis in tomato samples by flow injection-hydride generation atomic absorption spectrometry 
Date of Acceptance 26 December 2014 
     Title of Journal International Food Research Journal 
     Standard SCOPUS 
     Institute of Journal Faculty of Food Science and Technology Universiti Putra Malaysia 
     ISBN/ISSN 22317546 
     Year of Publication 2015 
     Abstract The pre-reducing agents for Se speciation analysis were subject to optimize under the on-line reduction conditions of flow injection-hydride generation atomic absorption spectrometry using 2 M HCl as a carrier solution and 0.3%(w/v) NaBH4 in 0.2%(w/v) NaOH as a reducing agent. For total Se, the pre-reduction of Se6+ to Se4+ must be completed when optimizing the pre-reducing conditions using (i) conc. HCl, (ii) 5%(w/v) KBr/conc. HCl, (iii) 15%(w/v) KBr/dilute HCl and (iv) 10%(w/v) thiourea/conc. HCl, under heating for 30 min to overcome their matrix effects on the calibration curve using either Se4+ or Se6+ as standard compound. From the results, all of these pre-reducing agents, except that in the presence of thiourea interfered only the calibration curve using Se4+, could be used with both Se species as expressed in terms of their conversion factors of 98-116% and 81-103% for Se4+ and Se6+, respectively. The linear range was obtained between 5-25 µg/L with 0.5 µg/L LOD and 2 µg/L LOQ. The optimal pre-reducing agent was applied for real tomato varieties, resulting in almost satisfactory recoveries (75.6-115.9%). The Se contents in these samples were found to be 0.07-0.10 µg/g, 0.43-0.92 µg/g and 0.50-0.99 µg/g for Se4+, Se6+ and total Se, respectively. 
     Keyword Selenium, Speciation, Pre-reduction, Tomato, FI-HGAAS 
545020024-8 Miss NUNTICHA LIMCHOOWONG [Main Author]
Science Master's Degree

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