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Title of Article Pig procurement plan considering pig growth and size distribution 
Date of Acceptance 29 December 2012 
     Title of Journal Computers & Industrial Engineering 
     Standard ISI 
     Institute of Journal ELSEVIER 
     ISBN/ISSN 0360-8352 
     Volume 64 
     Month April
     Year of Publication 2013 
     Page 886-894 
     Abstract Different pig size distributions in fattening units can prevent a pig procurement plan from achieving optimal results. Plans that fail to consider the pig size distribution and pig growth are not likely to be able to cost-effectively satisfy demand for each pig size. This paper demonstrates the use of a heuristic algorithm, pig size distribution, and pig growth to create a procurement plan. The performance of the developed procurement method is compared to the traditional practices of a company studied here. The results indicate that the company is likely to save approximately 9.52% of procurement costs by adopting the proposed method. The same problems were also investigated at an industrially relevant scale, and the computational time of the proposed heuristic was found to be reasonable. Thus, the pig industry is likely to benefit from the method developed here. 
     Keyword Pig procurement plan; Mathematical programming; Heuristic algorithm; Pig supply chain 
527040015-9 Mr. SAKDA KHAMJAN [Main Author]
Engineering Doctoral Degree

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