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Research Title Implementation of Student-associated Game-based Open Inquiry in Chemistry Education: Results on Students’ Perception and Motivation  
Date of Distribution 1 December 2014 
     Title of the Conference The 22nd International Conference On Computers in Education (ICCE 2014)  
     Organiser Asia-Pacific Society for Computers in Education (APSCE)  
     Conference Place Nara Prefectural New Public Hall, Nara, Japan  
     Province/State Nara, Japan 
     Conference Date 30 November 2014 
     To 4 December 2014 
Proceeding Paper
     Page 219-226  
     Editors/edition/publisher Ying-Tien WU, Thepchai SUPNITHI, Tomoko KOJIRI, Chen-Chung LIU, Hiroaki OGATA, Siu Cheung KONG, Akihiro KASHIHARA 
     Abstract Educational computer game refers to the use of digital technology to promote learning performance and experience through game-based activity. Currently, researchers mentioned that digital game-based learning can promote students’ interest and enhance learning outcomes. As such, this study aims to develop inquiry-based learning process with the support of digital game for chemistry learning about ionization energy. This paper reports research findings on two studies. First, a digital game regarding chemistry concept of ionization energy has been created and 29 twelfth-grade students participated to play the game. The students' perceptions towards the game were measured and results showed that the game have significant effect in fostering their perceptions. Another, 87 tenth-grade students were recruited in this study, and they were divided into an experimental group (N=43) and a control group (N=44). The experimental group participated with student-associated game-based open inquiry, called SAGOI, class and another were assigned to conventional class. The results indicated that students in SAGOI class have changed science motivation over the SAGOI learning experience. This could be implied that the student-associated game-based open inquiry could be an alternative way for promoting chemistry learning in school science.  
565050307-0 Miss KEERATIKA MEESUK [Main Author]
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