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Title of Article The Study of A Power System in A Pulp and Paper Plant in Thailand 
Date of Acceptance 18 January 2016 
     Title of Journal Energy Procedia 
     Standard SCOPUS 
     Institute of Journal ScienceDirect 
     ISBN/ISSN Energy Procedia 
     Volume 2015 
     Issue 79 
     Month 11
     Year of Publication 2015 
     Page 341-347 
     Abstract At the present time, reliability and stability of electric power have been very important when it comes to electrical systems in any plants, especially in terms of distribution. Phoenix Pulp & Paper PCL (PPPC) in Khon Kaen, Thailand, is currently generating electric power about 90% of its current needed by themselves and buys the rest from Provincial Electricity Authority (PEA). Nonetheless, the protection system should be installed to protect the electrical bus when electrical generating process trips or breakdown. Otherwise, it would cause the shutdown of electrical system and lose all manufacturing. To protect electrical system, PPPC therefore has to use load shedding system for cutting the connection of the machines from the system within few minutes. Power flow of electric power from 115 kV PEA to 11 kV via 2 transformers of 115 kV/11 kV and PPPC’s 3 generators are studied in this research by setting the real electric power (P), reactive electric power (Q), current (I) and voltage (V) in the protection relay of load shedding system of 11 kV switchboards. In addition, motor control panel, simulated by SKM Power Tools program, is investigated in this research work. The simulation results: P, Q, I and V will be divided into 4 cases: the trips from TG-PUC, TG2, TG3 (in-house generation) and the one from PEA. In the case that there is a trip from PEA electrical distribution, P, only generated from the first three generators in house, will be insufficient to cover the plant’s electric need and require around 6,512 kW more. As a result, the machines would have to be stopped running. However, if there is a trip from its in-house generation (TG-PUC, TG2 and TG3) instead, some P can be directly received from PEA. Thus, the load shedding scheme is important to protect the blackout system from electrical system’s trip in distribution. 
     Keyword Power flow, Load shedding, Electrical reliability, Electrical stability, Power breakdown 
575040074-4 Mr. KRIT RATTANAPANYAPAN [Main Author]
Engineering Master's Degree

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