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Title of Article Electromagnetic responses of curved fishnet structures: near-zero refractive index with lower loss 
Date of Acceptance 30 November 2015 
     Title of Journal Journal of Optics 
     Standard ISI 
     Institute of Journal IOP Publishing Ltd 
     Volume 2016 
     Issue 18 
     Month February
     Year of Publication 2016 
     Page 025102 ( 9 pp ) 
     Abstract Fishnet structure metamaterials are modi fied by introducing some curvature at the corners of the slabs and the neck lines in order to tailor a uniform current distribution as well as field concentration in the microwave regime. The results obtained show that these modi fied fishnet structures can generate 20% broader low loss near-zero index bandwidth as compared to that of the original fishnet structures. The majority of the near-zero bands of the modi fied fishnet structures produce lower loss than those of the original fishnet structures at the same frequency. 
     Keyword metamaterials, near-zero index, fishnet, low loss 
547040039-0 Mr. CHAIYONG SOEMPHOL [Main Author]
Engineering Doctoral Degree

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