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Research Title Five Livelihood Assets: Household Livelihood Security of Home-based Garment Workers in the Lao PDR 
Date of Distribution 28 June 2016 
     Title of the Conference 17th International Conference on Humanities and Social Science (HUSOC) 
     Organiser Global Research & Development Services 
     Conference Place Nanyang Technological University, Nanyang Executive Centre 
     Province/State Singapore  
     Conference Date 28 June 2016 
     To 29 June 2016 
Proceeding Paper
     Page 118-19 
     Abstract This paper review the current household livelihood security concept comprises the capabilities, assets, and activities required a means of living. We then briefly considered in-term of the livelihood assets (i.e., human, economic, social, physical and natural). The objective proposes re-examine the framework are constantly effort vociferous debate on core conceptual issue in the Lao PDR. Yet, given any context, the home-based garment workers dis-proportionate economic structural transformation, the trend growth rate of employment, and promotion of industrial working. The framework argues that the home-based garment workers’ assets are possibilities converted holds into the household livelihood security. We anticipated this a key determinant of (a) household role and function (b) household relationship (c) household capabilities and (d) household assets. The studies adopted the qualitative documentary method. Although data analysis, we identified interventions wish to study the home-based garment workers in the Lao PDR. A critical review that human assets, economic assets, social assets have had a significant holding converted the assets into home-based garment workers' livelihood security. A livelihood asset dimension tends toward activities and then comprised the capabilities are highly required a means of living. We discussed on core conceptual issues are entrapped in a dichotomous concept of livelihood assets.  
567080001-0 Mr. HANVEDES DAOVISAN [Main Author]
Humanities and Social Sciences Doctoral Degree

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