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Title of Article Improvement of Air Change Rate Efficiency for a Broiler House with Multi Inlet System 
Date of Acceptance 2 April 2012 
     Title of Journal Advanced Science Letters 
     Standard SCOPUS 
     Institute of Journal American Scientific Publishers 
     Issue 19 
     Month September
     Year of Publication 2013 
     Page 2699-2702 
     Abstract This work presents an improvement of the air change rate efficiency for a closed-system broiler house with Multi Inlet System (MIS). Computational Fluid Dynamic (CFD) was applied to calculate and estimate the air flow in the house, 14×120×25 m3, which was selected for the study. The broiler house was installed with nine MIS channels along the house length and two channels at the front of the house. Then the air velocity, temperature and air change rate were measured and compared with the result of CFD. From the air flow testing in the broiler house, MIS can increase 57% of area that the air change rate is in the standard criteria. The average velocity was increased 25% and the fluctuation of air velocity was decreased. Furthermore, it was found that the experimental results of air velocity were similar to that calculated from CFD. Hence, the results of CFD of the flow can be used to explain the other points of the air flow and applied to further improve the air condition control in the closed-system broiler house. 
     Keyword Improvement, Air Change Rate Efficiency, Multi Inlet System 
537040006-1 Mr. CHAYANON WISATE [Main Author]
Engineering Doctoral Degree

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