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Research Title Monitoring Atmospheric Moisture Using GPS Precipitable Water Vapor 
Date of Distribution 6 June 2016 
     Title of the Conference 26th International Conference on Information Modelling and Knowledge Bases 
     Organiser Tampere University of Technology 
     Conference Place Tampere 
     Province/State Finland 
     Conference Date 6 June 2016 
     To 10 June 2016 
Proceeding Paper
     Volume 26 
     Page 130-141 
     Editors/edition/publisher Hannu Jaakkola, Ulla Nevanranta 
     Abstract This article is aimed at indicating correlation between climatic changes and atmospheric moisture and precipitation using GPS precipitable water vapor values (PWV) and meteorological data in Khon Kaen, Thailand. PWV, average temperature, and precipitation data from 2001 to 2014 were analyzed to determine the changes over the time period. The estimation showed the average, maximum and minimum values of PWV in Khon Kaen at 48.42, 69.88, and 11.23 mm, respectively, with the standard deviation of 13.42 mm. Additionally, there was an increasing trend of PWV changes following temperature changes which could be due to the warm atmospheric properties that can hold vapor better than dry atmosphere. Again, at high temperatures, water in the environment vaporizes more easily than at low temperatures. However, precipitation tends to decrease which could be due to topographical condition of Khon Kaen which is on a high plain surrounded by mountains. As a result, monsoon wind is not able to bring moisture into the area. Therefore, the slightly increasing moisture cannot be a major cause of precipitation similar to a storm.  
557040031-4 Mr. PRAWIT UANG-AREE [Main Author]
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