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Research Title Effect of Health Promotion Program with Application of Medicine on Buddhism to Selfcare for Decreasing Serum Lipid Level among Dyslipidemia Patients 
Date of Distribution 5 November 2016 
     Title of the Conference 8th International conference on Public Health Among Greater Mekhong Sub-Reginal Countries 
     Organiser School of Public Health National Institute of Public Health,Cambodia  
     Conference Place Sokha hotel 
     Province/State Phnom Penh  
     Conference Date 5 November 2016 
     To 6 November 2016 
Proceeding Paper
     Page 182 
     Abstract Background: Dyslipidemia is the highest mortality rate in the world that leads to cardiovascular. This study aimed to effect of health promotion program that applied Protection Motivation Theory (PMT) and Medicine on Buddism(MB) to decrease lipid serum in dyslipidemia patients. Methods: This Quasi-Experimental research included 62 samples; 31 samples in experimental group and 31 samples in control group. Intervention of health promotion program included learning through lecture and VCD, modelling, telling the experience, demonstration brisk walk and meditation,practicing on guidebook, recording on diary,excercise and meditation behavior,while the control group was not received the program. The duration of this study was 10 weeks. Data were collected by questionnaires. Pair sample t-test and sample t-test were tested within groups and between group Results: After the intervention, experimental group had statistically significant mean scores of knowledge about the dyslipidemia disease, perceive susceptibility, perceived severity and self-efficacy, response efficacy, intention in practice and practice behavior of patients with dyslipidemia in terms of eating, exercise and stress, higher than before the experiment and higher than the control group (p-value < 0.05). Mean of cholesterol, triglyceride had statistically significant decreased than before the experiment, and lower than the control group (p-value < 0.05). However, the mean of LDL-cholesterol had no statistically significant increased more than before the experiment and the control group (p-value> 0.05) Conclusions: The health promotion program could be extended to improve patients behavior for dyslipidemia controls Keywords : dyslipidemia , protection motivation theory, Medicine on Buddhism, brisk walk, meditation 
575110171-7 Miss APICHAYA JUMPAVONG [Main Author]
Public Health Master's Degree

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