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Research Title Pull Factors of Chain Migration: The contexts of Laos Workers in Udonthani, Thailand 
Date of Distribution 7 November 2017 
     Title of the Conference 25th International Conference on Social Science and Humanities (ICSSH) 
     Organiser Global Research & Development Services 
     Conference Place Nanyang Technological University 
     Province/State Nanyang Executive Center, Singapore 
     Conference Date 7 November 2017 
     To 8 November 2017 
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     Page 32 
     Editors/edition/publisher Global Research & Development Services 
     Abstract The tendency of migration of Lao workers is likely to increase especially the chain migration through social network. The objective of this research is therefore to study the pull factors behind the chain migration through social network of Lao workers in Udonthani using qualitative research method. The analytical unit was at the network level. The data was collected using the in-depth interview guidelines conducted with 15 Lao labourers and participation and non-participation observation. The research site was Udonthani province. Content analysis was performed with the obtained data based on the ATLAS.ti programme. The research results showed that pull factors are the key reasons driving Lao labourers to migrate to work in Udonthani. These pull factors are composed of: Udonthani economic growth, demands as well as shortage of labourers in Udonthani, preference of Lao labourers among employers in Udonthani, and persuasion from the social network and the sub-social network called “chain migration”. Most of the workers come through this network via three chains: The first consists of the employers or the pioneer group of Lao labourers who already returned home. The second include the highly experienced labourers in Udonthani. The third consists of the new labourers with less than 5-year experiences, who account for the majority of the labour migrants to Udinthani.  
585080014-9 Mr. THAWATCHAI SANGSEEMA [Main Author]
Humanities and Social Sciences Master's Degree

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