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Title of Article Leaf litter decomposition in headwater streams, Phetchabun and Chaiyaphum Provinces, Thailand 
Date of Acceptance 25 December 2017 
     Title of Journal EnvironmentAsia 
     Standard SCOPUS 
     Institute of Journal Thai Society of Higher Education Institute on Environment (TSHE)  
     Volume 11 
     Month มกราคม
     Year of Publication 2018 
     Abstract Objectives of this research are to investigate long-term responses of leaf litter decomposition rates involved some abiotic factors and colonized macroinvertebrates in leaf litter bags at headwater streams, Nam Nao National Park by comparing data between 2002 and 2014. Three grams dry weight of Bambusa arundinacea Willd. was put in an individual nylon bag and they were placed in riffles and pools at 2 streams. These litter bags from each stream were retrieved every 2 weeks of immersion. Results showed that leaf breakdown rates were more rapidly in riffle than in pool and the rate was faster at Phromlaeng stream than those of Yakruae stream in both years. Increasing of water velocity was considered to increase leaf decay. Macroinvertebrates colonizing in the leaf litter bags was similar in 2002 and 2014. In both years, Dipteran and Ephemeropteran larvae were the most abundant (more than 50%) in the litter bags throughout the study, which were primarily collector-gatherers in the leaf litter bags. Shredders directly consumed leaves and other coarse particle organic matters were low abundance. Collector-filters were more abundant in riffle. Scrappers and predators did not feed on detritus, but they utilized the litter bag for shelter. In conclusion, decomposition rate was more rapidly caused by increasing water velocity. Increase in water velocity was a consequence of increase in precipitation which was directly related to climate change. 
     Keyword allochthonous matter, Bambusa arundinacea, colonization, leaf litter breakdown 
557020054-4 Miss RUNGNAPA SOMNARK [Main Author]
Science Doctoral Degree

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