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Title of Article Truss topology, shape and sizing optimization by fully stressed design based on hybrid grey wolf optimization and adaptive differential evolution 
Date of Acceptance 11 January 2018 
     Title of Journal Engineering Optimization 
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     Institute of Journal Professor A. B. Templeman - School of Engineering, University of Liverpool, UK 
     Year of Publication 2018 
     Abstract A hybrid adaptive optimization algorithm based on integrating grey wolf optimization into adaptive differential evolution with fully stressed design (FSD) local search is presented in this article. Hybrid reproduction and control parameter adaptation strategies are employed to increase the performance of the algorithm. The proposed algorithm, called fully stressed design–grey wolf–adaptive differential evolution (FSD-GWADE), is demonstrated to tackle a variety of truss optimization problems. The problems have mixed continuous/discrete design variables that are assigned as simultaneous topology, shape and sizing design variables. FSD-GWADE provides competitive results and gives superior results at a higher success rate than the previous FSD-based algorithm. 
     Keyword Truss optimization; differential evolution; grey wolf optimization; hybrid evolutionary algorithms; adaptive evolutionary algorithms; fully stressed design 
587040020-2 Mr. NATEE PANAGANT [Main Author]
Engineering Doctoral Degree

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