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Research Title Inhibition of Nitric Oxide Production by Derrris scandens (Rob.) Benth Extract in UVB-Exposed Human Keratinocytes 
Date of Distribution 1 June 2016 
     Title of the Conference CDD 2016 The4th Current Drug Development International Conferrence 2016 
     Organiser Faculty of Pharmaceutical Sciences, Prince of Songkhla University 
     Conference Place Phuket Graceland Resort & Spa, Patong Beach 
     Province/State Phuket 
     Conference Date 1 June 2016 
     To 3 June 2016 
Proceeding Paper
     Page 146-147 
     Editors/edition/publisher Jaraithip Wungsintaweekul/ Sirinya Keawnoi 
     Abstract Ultraviolet B induces skin inflammation and causes sunburn. Derris scandens (Roxb.) Benth (Fabaceae) is a Thai medicinal plant with anti-inflammatory activities. However, there has been no report for the inhibition effect on UVB-induced skin inflammation. The purpose of this study was to investigate the anti-inflammation activity by inhibition of nitric oxide production of D. scandens extract on UVB-exposed human keratinocyte (HaCaT). It was found that exposure of UVB to HaCaT for 30 minutes showed cell shrinkage and produced nitric oxide more than non-UVB exposed cells. D. scandens extract showed anti-inflammatory effect in the treated HaCaT both before and after exposed to UVB. The level of NO after exposed to UVB was slightly lower than that level before UVB exposure indicated that D. scandens extract possessed mildly UVB protection effect to human keratinocyte from UVB-induced inflammation. In addition, from its anti-inflammatory effect, D. scandens has the potential for an ingredient in sunscreen product. 
Pharmaceutical Sciences Master's Degree

Peer Review Status มีผู้ประเมินอิสระ 
Level of Conference นานาชาติ 
Type of Proceeding Full paper 
Type of Presentation Oral 
Part of thesis true 
Presentation awarding true 
     Award Title Student Traveling Grant 
     Type of award รางวัลด้านวิชาการ วิชาชีพ 
     Organiser Faculty of Pharmaceutical Sciences, Prince of Songkhla University 
     Date of awarding 1 มิถุนายน 2559 
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