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Research Title Validation and development of an HPLC method for determination of piperine in seven Thai traditional formulas with the aid of experiment design 
Date of Distribution 15 November 2018 
     Title of the Conference The 4th International conference on Pharma-Food (ICPF2018) 
     Organiser University of Shizuoka 
     Conference Place Nippondaira hotel, Shizuoka city 
     Province/State Shizuoka, Japan 
     Conference Date 15 November 2018 
     To 16 November 2018 
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     Page 119 
     Abstract Piper nigrum, is a highly valuable product and one of the essential ingredients in many of the compound preparations included in Ayurvedic literature. Piperine is an alkaloid isolated from P. nigrum. In this study, an experimental design based on response surface methodology was applied to the validation of an HPLC method to determine the amount of piperine in seven Thai traditional formulas. Three factors (percentage of acetonitrile, flow rate and detection wavelength) and two responses (retention time and peak area) were investigated in this study. HPLC was carried out using a Shimadzu system, consisting of a solvent delivery pump (LC-20AD) and, UV-Visible detector. Separation was performed on a C8 analytical column (5 µm, 4.0 x 250 mm) with isocratic elution. The appropriate mobile phase used in this work consisted of a mixture of 1% formic acid: propanol: acetonitrile (55: 10: 35, v/v) which was delivered at a flow rate of 1 ml/min with detection at wavelength 254 nm. The developed HPLC method was validated for linearity, accuracy, precision, LOD and LOQ. The results indicated that all three factors affected the response. The piperine content in seven Thai traditional formulas ranged from 0.510±0.060 to 18.656±0.886 mg/g extract. Overall, the proposed HPLC method was found to be simple to perform and suitable for the routine analysis of piperine in Thai traditional formulas. 
607150004-9 Miss JUTHAMART MANEENET [Main Author]
Pharmaceutical Sciences Doctoral Degree

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