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Title of Article Application Of Combined Mixture Process Design For Enhancement Of Methane Production Using Co-Digestion Of Chicken Manure And Napier Grass 
Date of Acceptance 21 April 2019 
     Title of Journal Journal of Mechanic of Continua and Mathematical Sciences (JMCMS) 
     Standard ISI 
     Month March
     Year of Publication 2019 
     Page 85-96 
     Abstract This research is aimed at application of Combined Mixture Process Design by Design Expert program in order to enhance the efficiency of methane production by co-digestion of chicken manure and Napier Pakchong 1 grass (Pennisetum purpureum. Schum), which enables deduction of operation time and cost for methane production. In addition, the impact of co-digestion in terms of C/N ratio was studied. The experimental result indicated that the Combined Mixture Process Design by biogas and methane yield as response variables were significantly appropriate based on the R2 at 93.99% and 93.67%, respectively. It also indicated the factors that enhance the maximum production of methane, i.e., the ratio of inoculum: chicken manure: Napier grass of 59.70: 6.02: 34.28%TS at the total solids of 2.5% of the working volume, pH 8, and 46°C. Such optimum conditions could yield accumulated biogas and accumulated methane of 920.88 ml/gVS and 492 mlCH4/gVS or 73.19%. Comparing to the individual digestion and the co-digestion, it was found that methane production presented the higher methane yield from the co-digestion of chicken manure and Napier grass. 
     Keyword Biogas, Methane Gas, Co-Digestion, Chicken Manure, Napier Pakchong 1, Combined Mixture Process Design 
587040023-6 Miss SUPAWADEE YODTHONGDEE [Main Author]
Engineering Doctoral Degree

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