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Research Title Influence of Mental Health and Social Determinants on Quality of Life of Elderly in Kalasin Province, Thailand 
Date of Distribution 22 July 2019 
     Title of the Conference The 3rd National and International Conference on Health Challenges in Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs):“Health Screening and Surveillance: PM2.5, Cancer and Suicide” (NICHC3) 
     Organiser Khon Kaen University 
     Conference Place Kosa Hotel, Khon Kaen, Thailand 
     Province/State Khon Kaen 
     Conference Date 22 July 2019 
     To 23 July 2019 
Proceeding Paper
     Page 170-187 
     Abstract Background: The elderly has changes both physical and psychosocial condition which might have influence on their quality of life (QOL). There are limited evidence concerning QOL and its determinants among elderly in the Northeast of Thailand. Objective: This study aimed to describe QOL condition and the relationships of mental health and social determinants on QOL of elderly in Kalasin province, the Northeast of Thailand. Method: This cross-sectional study recruited 1,300 elderly respondents by using a multi-stage random sampling to response to a structured questionnaire interview. A multiple logistic regression was used to identify the association between mental health problems, social determinants of health and the QOL when controlled covariates presenting adjusted odds ratio and 95 percent confidence interval (CI). Result: The results indicated that 31.00% (95% CI: 28.54 - 33.57) of the elderly had poor QOL. The main factors that associated with having a poor QOL including having depression symptoms (adj. OR = 3.20, 95%CI: 2.23 - 4.60, p < 0.001), moderate and high levels of perceived stress (adj. OR = 1.61, 95%CI: 1.24 - 2.09, p < 0.001) and had low and moderate levels of life satisfaction (adj. OR = 1.76, 95%CI: 1.29 - 2.40, p < 0.001), had low and moderate levels of participation with family and community (adj. OR = 1.63, 95%CI: 1.20 - 2.21, p = 0.002), lived in rural area (Adj. OR = 1.66, 95%CI: 1.24 - 2.22, p = 0.001), had average family monthly income 5,001 – 10,000 Baht (adj. OR = 1.49, 95%CI: 1.03 - 2.15) and average family monthly income of ≤ 5,000 Baht (adj. OR = 1.84, 95%CI: 1.33 - 2.54), p = 0.008. The significant covariate was having poor and moderate levels of ability to perform daily activities (adj. OR = 1.85; 95%CI: 1.30 - 2.62, p = 0.001), Conclusion: Almost one-third of the elderly in Kalasin province had poor QOL. Depression, stress life dissatisfaction and social determinants were strongly associated with poor QOL as well as ability to perform daily activities.  
605110057-8 Mr. PHAIRAT SONGKRAM [Main Author]
Public Health Master's Degree

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