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Title of Article Active Aging: Social Network of Community-Dwelling Thai Elderly 
Date of Acceptance 7 October 2019 
     Title of Journal The Journal of Social Sciences Research 
     Standard SCOPUS 
     Institute of Journal Academic Research Publishing Group 
     ISBN/ISSN ISSN(e): 2411-9458, ISSN(p): 2413-6670 
     Issue 10 
     Month 10
     Year of Publication 2019 
     Page 1480-1486 
     Abstract This study aimed to investigate the relationship between active aging, social network, and community-dwelling Thai elderly in Northeastern of Thailand. A total of 405 Thai elderly, we adopted a systematic random sampling was used for data collection, and conducted in 2018. This study shows that 63.5% were female, mean ± standard deviation (SD) age of study subjects was 68.9 ± 6.7 years. It has made up 66.4% that moderate levels of active aging. Health, participation, and security dimension most subjects had a moderate level at 72.9%, 61.2%, 67.7%. We found that a positive associated with personal factor, household factor, community factor, and social network factor. Our results also suggest that elderly service providers should pay more attention to group interaction, neighboring support, and facilitated in the community.  
     Keyword Social network; Active aging; Community-dwelling; Thai elderly; Thailand. 
567080004-4 Mrs. PANARAT SATSANASUPINT [Main Author]
Humanities and Social Sciences Doctoral Degree

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