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Research Title Cultivation of Azolla microphylla Biomass by Piggery Wastewater 
Date of Distribution 28 February 2020 
     Title of the Conference The 11th International Conference on Environmental and Rural Development in conjunction with The 2nd International Sustainable Agricultural Intensification and Nutrition Conference (11th ICERD & 2nd SAIN Conference) 
     Organiser Secretariat of ISERD, the International Society of Environmental and Rural Development 
     Conference Place Angkor Paradise Hotel 
     Province/State Siem Reap, Cambodia 
     Conference Date 28 February 2020 
     To 1 March 2020 
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     Abstract Azolla has been used both in agricultural sector and environment such as feed for livestock, weed control, mosquito control, especially, wastewater treatment and biofertilizer. The objectives of this study aim to monitor the Azolla growing in wastewater from swine farm with various concentrations and to determine in which concentration is a good condition for Azolla cultivation. The experiment was performed in plastic buckets, five treatments including control (tap water only), different piggery wastewater 5% (PW5), 10% (PW10), 15% (PW15) and 20% (PW20,) and three replications. Water quality parameters were analyzed during study including temperature, pH, electrical conductivity (EC), total dissolved solid (TDS), dissolved oxygen (DO) and biomass of Azolla was monitored every week within 4 weeks. The results found that biomass of Azolla for all treatments grew well within three weeks. PW5 increased biomass from 20 to 168.55g (743%), DO (3.16-7.41 ppm) while the others less than 130g (550%). In addition, it could decrease EC 21%, TDS 21%, and got balance of Temperature (30.16-30.2 0C) and pH (6.7-8.5). In conclusion, Piggery wastewater at 5% concentration was a suitable condition for Azolla cultivation to increase biomass. The biomass can be used as biofertilizer or for other applications and wastewaters reuse or treatment. 
625030033-9 Mr. PHEARUN LAY [Main Author]
Agriculture Master's Degree

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