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Research Title Brand Experience, Brand Coolness, and Brand Equity: A Case of Domestic Tourism in Thailand 
Date of Distribution 10 May 2023 
     Title of the Conference WRFASE International Conference 
     Organiser World Research Forum for Advances in Science and Engineering 
     Conference Place Kyoto Tokyu Hotel 
     Province/State Kyoto, Japan 
     Conference Date 10 May 2023 
     To 11 May 2023 
Proceeding Paper
     Volume 2023 
     Issue 397 
     Page 29-32 
     Editors/edition/publisher Institute for Technology and Research 
     Abstract This study aims to investigate the interrelationship among brand experience, brand coolness, and brand equity in Khon Kaen, Thailand. In this qualitative study, questionnaires from 350 tourists were used in a field survey. The data were analyzed by structural equation modeling (SEM). The study revealed 4 components of brand experience, including sensory, affective, behavioral, and intellectual experiences through brand coolness. Brand experience had an indirect influence on brand equity. 
645210043-6 Miss WATHUSIRI THOTHUYO [Main Author]
Business Administration and Accountancy Master's Degree

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