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Research Title Two-Way Semi-Offline Location Tracking and Control System via GSM 
Date of Distribution 21 June 2011 
     Title of the Conference The 26th International Technical Conference on Circuits/Systems,Computers and Communications 
     Organiser ITC-CSCC 
     Conference Place Hyundai Hotel,Gyeongju, Korea 
     Province/State Gyeongju 
     Conference Date 19 June 2011 
     To 22 June 2011 
Proceeding Paper
     Abstract This paper presents a semi-offline location tracking and control system that is based on a GSM mobile, the global-positioning system (GPS), and the embedded system. Android application and software functioning on mobile phones operate with hardware by sending short messages (SMS). Android application liaises between the user and the location tracking equipment. It can request the present location of the tracking device, work with the Google Map, and set the values for co-working with the device. Application by small organizations or personal purposes does not require location tracking all the time. It is recommended that checking be done when necessary or when there is any mishap in order to lessen the operating expenses. This system has therefore been designed as a semi-offline so that the cost of wireless communication and use of a web server will be low.  
535040085-5 Mr. SONGPHON NAMKHOON [Main Author]
Engineering Master's Degree

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