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Research Title Comparison of Banana Flower Powder and Sodium Bicarbonate as Rumen Buffers on Rumen Fermentation Efficiency and Milk Production in Dairy Cows 
Date of Distribution 15 October 2013 
     Title of the Conference The 11th World Conference on Animal Production 
     Organiser World Association for Animal Production(WAAP) and Chinese Association of Animal Science & Veterinary Medicine(CAAV)World Association for Animal Production(WAAP) and Chinese Association of Animal Science & Veterinary Medicine(CAAV) 
     Conference Place Beijing International Convention Center 
     Province/State Beijing, China 
     Conference Date 15 October 2013 
     To 20 October 2013 
Proceeding Paper
     Volume 2013 
     Issue 11 
     Page 14 
     Abstract Four, Holstein-Friesian crossbred dairy cows in early lactation, 390±10 kg of body weight (BW), with daily milk production of 10±2 kg per day were used to study on the comparison of banana flower powder (BAFLOP) and sodium bicarbonate (NaHCO3) supplementation on rumen ecology and milk production. All dairy cows were randomly assigned according to a 2 x 2 factorial arrangement in a 4 x 4 Latin square design to receive two different ratio of roughage to concentrate (R:C) with BAFLOP and NaHCO3 supplement at 2% of total dry matter intake (DMI) and the treatments were as follows: T1) R:C at 60:40 with BAFLOP supplement at 2% of DMI; T2) R:C at 40:60 with BAFLOP supplement at 2% of DMI; T3) R:C at 60:40 with NaHCO3 supplement at 2% of DMI; and T4) R:C at 40:60 with NaHCO3 supplement at 2% of DMI. All animals were fed total diet at 2.5% of BW and rice straw was used as a roughage source. The present study revealed that all dairy cows consumed the same amount of total DMI at 11.2 kg/d. The nutrient digestibility of DM, CP, NDF and ADF were affected by R:C while OM digestibility was found similar among treatments. Animals consumed R:C at 40:60 showed higher nutrient digestibility, but no difference was found between BAFLOP and NaHCO3. Moreover, ruminal pH were influenced by R:C (P<0.05) and the treatments with R:C at 60:40 showed higher value as compared to R:C at 40:60. However, BAFLOP and NaHCO3 showed similar effect and could maintain rumen pH above 6.3 regardless of ratio of R:C. The R:C affected on ruminal NH3-N and the highest was at R:C 40:60 while ruminal temperature and BUN were similar among treatments. In addition, bacteria and fungi were not affected by R:C and buffer supplement source while protozoa were reduced by R:C. Furthermore, amylolytic bacteria was increased with R:C at 60:40 while total viable bacteria were higher at R:C; 60:40. Milk yield were increased by R:C at 40:60 both in BAFLOP and NaHCO3 supplement. Milk compositions were found similar among treatments, except fat and total solids which were higher in cows consumed higher roughage. Based on this study, BAFLOP is an alternative dietary source of rumen buffer which is potential and promising in replacing bicarbonate sources. 
547030030-1 Mr. SUNG CHHANG KANG [Main Author]
Agriculture Doctoral Degree

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