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Research Title The livelihood of Sawangan village, a disaster prone area of Mt. Slamet 
Date of Distribution 20 August 2015 
     Title of the Conference The 2nd International Conference on Business, Economics and Social Science 
     Organiser Indonesia College of Economics (STEI) Jakarta 
     Conference Place Golden Palace Lombok 
     Province/State Mataram, Indonesia 
     Conference Date 19 August 2015 
     To 20 August 2015 
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     Editors/edition/publisher Indonesia College of Economics (STEI) Jakarta 
     Abstract Indonesia has geographically spread active volcanoes, one of them is Mt.Slamet. It is the second highest mountain in Java island and located in the Central Java province where has the highest density of population in Indonesia. Sawangan village is the nearest area in the Mt.Slamet and has difficulties access on road to other villages. Sawangan village has lot of challenges to develop and made sustainable livelihoods even though natural resources as land and forest be redundant. It is located 11 km from the nearest city which made this area half-isolated by government support. The aim of this paper is to describe the livelihoods in the Sawangan’s households to cope and manage the fluctuate volcanic disaster management from Mt. Slamet. The researcher uses qualitative research methodology with in-depth interview. It divide into two groups, or groups of local stakeholder (head of the village and head of sub-village) group and households. Total respondents for two groups are 6 head of village and sub-villages and 19 households. Sawangan’ villagers rely on their living through agriculture and also as a carpenter to support their live. The area was surround by pine forest, belong’s to Indonesia government. However, Sawangan villagers cut the tree to support their life and expand their agriculture plantation land. The villagers meet their problem when they have already expanded their agriculture, but they did not earn money more. They meet lots of debt even though they already expand their plantation area. During summer season, villagers could not plant anything because of dry-land and survive using storage of the result of their previous plantation. However, Sawangan villagers could survive through Mt. Slamet volcanic disaster time by time. They have their own strengthen belief to cope the disaster impact. 
567080015-9 Ms. DIAH SETYAWATI DEWANTI [Main Author]
Humanities and Social Sciences Doctoral Degree

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