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Research Title Different Mechanisms of Androg and IPAD on Apoptosis Induction in Cervical Cancer Cells 
Date of Distribution 15 January 2016 
     Title of the Conference The national and International Graduate Research Conference 2016 
     Organiser Graduate school, Khon Kaen University, Thailand 
     Conference Place Pote Sarasin Building, Khon Kaen University 
     Province/State Khon Kaen 
     Conference Date 15 January 2016 
     To 15 January 2016 
Proceeding Paper
     Page 1620-1626 
     Abstract Androg and IPAD are recently known to possess potent anti-cancer potential that can induce apoptosis in various cancer cells. Indeed, apoptosis can be initiated by different mechanisms in different cell types. Previously, we found that Androg and IPAD can suppress HPV16 E6 oncogene expression and restore p53in HPV16 positive cervical cancer, SiHa and Caski cell with different activity. To investigate the different effects of Androg and IPAD in HPV16 positive cervical cancer cells, in this present study, SiHa and C33A (HPV16 negative cervical cancer cell with p53 mutation) were treated with Androg and IPAD, at various concentrations for 48 hr., subsequently detected cell apoptosis and DNA degradation by Annexin V assay and gel electrophoresis.P53 targeting Bax protein level was determined using western blot. The results showed that IPAD at subtoxic concentration induced apoptosis in both SiHa and C33Acells, whereas treated with Androg, apoptosis was detected only in SiHa cells. In addition, DNA degradation assay demonstrated DNA ladder in both SiHa and C33A cell treatmented with IPAD, in contrast to treatment with Androg, DNA ladder was detected only in SiHa cells which associated with HPV oncogene suppression. By western blot, Bax protein level from SiHa cells treated with IPAD was higher than Androg, and Bax was not detected in C33A cell. This result showed that IPAD contains different activity from Androg to induce apoptosis in both HPV positive and HPV negative cervical cancer cells and suggested that IPAD might associate to apoptosis pathway more than Androg, and these apoptosis inductions are needed to be more elucidated by further assay.  
545070012-5 Mr. ASSANAN DOKMAIKAEW [Main Author]
Medicine Master's Degree

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