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Title of Article Sliding Mode Control with Uncertainty Estimation for an Evaporative Cooling System in a Poultry House 
Date of Acceptance 2 April 2012 
     Title of Journal Advanced Science letters 
     Standard SCOPUS 
     Institute of Journal American Scientific Publishers 
     ISBN/ISSN ISSN 1936-6612 
     Volume 19 
     Issue 11 
     Month November
     Year of Publication 2013 
     Page 3315-3319 
     Abstract The actuators saturation of an evaporative air cooling system in a poultry house is considered in controller design of this work. Instead of using integration technique as an adaptation law, the first derivative of sliding function with compensation loop is proposed. The simulation results show that the saturation of control input did not occur while the system response had no fluctuation. Additionally, parallel uncertainty estimation in temperature and humidity sliding surfaces led to less limitation of moisture control. 
     Keyword Uncertainty estimation, Livestock air conditioning, Poultry house  
547040037-1 Mr. TEERAPON UPACHABAN [Main Author]
Engineering Doctoral Degree

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