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Research Title Working Among Friends: Labour Broker Networks in Isan, Thailand 
Date of Distribution 9 May 2011 
     Title of the Conference the 5th Annual International Conference on Sociology  
     Conference Place St. George Lycabettus Boutique Hotel 
     Province/State Athens, Greece 
     Conference Date 9 May 2011 
     To 12 May 2011 
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     Abstract International labour migration is one of the major issues of our time. Nowadays around 192 million people work outside their country of birth, about three percent of the world's population. This rapidly increasing phenomenon is examined in a large number of studies on migration. However, most of these studies focus on experiences and practicalities of migrants at the place of destination. In this study, we provide insight into the other side of the migration coin by investigating the background and relationship in the network of labour brokers living in the Northeast of Thailand, a region called Isan, where is one the major suppliers of Thai migrant workers. Local labour brokers are the heart of the whole labour migration system in Thailand. Most of them working through their strong social network but we do not really know why and how they construct their network, what relationship, and how they use for work. By studying large issues in small places, we aim to contribute to the understanding of the social network composition of labor brokers in Isan and to analyze relationships within this network. Data was collected via in-depth interviews as well as by participatory and non-participatory observations. The key informants were carefully selected group of labour brokers in the six provinces of Isan, including: Udon Thani, Nakhon Ratchasima, Chaiyaphum, Khon Kaen, Buriram, and Nongkhai. Our main findings indicated that social network of Isan labor brokers was informal. The process of social network construction started with personal relationships and common experiences. The network was extended both vertically and horizontally through an exchange of interactions within a stable boundary. The characteristics of the relationship in network as multi-relations on common goal, base on benefit exchange, cooperation and competition relation, and the duration of relationship was based on personal relations. 
507080003-0 Mr. THANAPAUGE CHAMARATANA [Main Author]
Humanities and Social Sciences Doctoral Degree

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