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Research Title Shrinking Size Effects of TMR and CPP-GMR Heads: Failure Phenomena Caused by Electrostatic Discharge Aspects 
Date of Distribution 9 January 2012 
     Title of the Conference The 4th International Data Storage Technology Conference 
     Organiser The Board of Investment of Thailand (BOI), National Science and Technology Development Agency (NSTDA), Hard Disk Drive Institute (HDDI), I/U CRC in HDD Component 
     Conference Place IMPACT Convention Center (Hall 9) Muangthong Thani 
     Province/State Nonthaburi 
     Conference Date 9 January 2012 
     To 10 January 2012 
Proceeding Paper
     Volume 2011 
     Page 252-255 
     Abstract This work presents the tolerance of TMR and CPP-GMR heads to ESD events when the sizes of both reader technologies are shrinking. The shrinking size effect actually indicates the growth of AD targeting to Tb/in2. Blocking temperature, melting temperature, and electric field breakdown of the oxide layer are the key parameters for investigation upon the temperature increment of TMR and CPP-GMR heads caused by ESD current. The investigation was carried out by using a finite element analysis, solver and simulation software. The results reveal that at 30% shrinking size, TMR is 15% less tolerance to ESD phenomena than CPP-GMR technology for the case of hard failure. On the other hand, CPP-GMR is approximately 10% more sensitive to ESD event than TMR technology for the case of soft failure case. 
525040001-6 Miss KANUENGNIT MARONGMUED [Main Author]
Engineering Master's Degree

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