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Research Title Base flow index evaluation for Yom River, Thailand 
Date of Distribution 17 March 2013 
     Title of the Conference The 2nd International Conference on Engineering and Applied Science (2013 ICEAS) 
     Organiser Kwansei Gakuin University 
     Conference Place Toshi center hotel 
     Province/State Tokyo, Japan 
     Conference Date 15 March 2013 
     To 17 March 2013 
Proceeding Paper
     Page 523-532 
     Abstract The most controversial river in Thailand is the Yom River. It has not been modified by large dam because of several valuable natural resources. Therefore the river is flooded in rainy season and very low flow in dry season. The low flow causes drought which is much more serious than flooding. The Yom River Basin management is only way to circumvent the low flow problem by studying base flow index (BFI). Base flow analyses for 8 gauging stations along the river were performed by 2 techniques i.e. graphical and modified U.K. Institute of Hydrology (MIH). The mean BFI results from graphical and MIH are 0.37 (0.05) and 0.45 (0.12). The result from graphical is more reasonable due to its lower standard deviation. BFI values from MIH vary with watershed area which may result from the using of fixing value of N-day at 10. Solution for this problem is ongoing in this study. 
545040001-8 Miss KANOKPORN SAWATPRU [Main Author]
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