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Title of Article Determination of Total Phenolic Compounds and Flavonoid Contents Related to Antioxidant Activity of “Mao” Fruit Juice from Various Production Sources 
Date of Acceptance 24 December 2014 
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     Institute of Journal Chemical Publishing Co. 
     ISBN/ISSN 0970-7077 
     Volume 26 
     Month December
     Year of Publication 2014 
     Page 100-102 
     Abstract The “Mao” compiled fruits (Antidesma thwaitesianum Muell. Arg.) are generally found in tropical forests used as commercial products of juice and wine in Thailand. It is very rich source of phenolic compounds, flavonoids and other antioxidants with their beneficial effects on human health. In the present study, spectrophotometric methods concerning ferric reducing antioxidant power, Folin-Ciocalteu assay and aluminum chloride colorimetric procedure were performed to estimate antioxidant activity and the contents of phenolics and flavonoids in five popular brand-products of 100 % juice sampling from different local sources. From the results, the highest values of antioxidant activity (183.46 ± 1.01 mM Fe 2+), total phenolic compounds (643.75 ± 7.33 mg gallic acid equivalents (GAE)/100 mL) and flavonoids (1,989.98 ± 5.32 mg catechin equivalents (CE)/100 mL) were found. While the lowest ones of antioxidant activity (102.42 ± 7.23 mM Fe2+), total phenolics (273.11 ± 14.75 mg GAE/100 mL) and flavonoids (879.10 ± 5.32 mg CE/100 mL) were comparable. The differences in the observed antioxidant activities of these juice samples may relate to their abundant of phenolics and flavonoid contents. Therefore, source of the Mao fruits as raw materials would be a factor providing pronounced antioxidant activity, particularly phenolic compounds and flavonoids in the fruit juices. 
     Keyword Antioxidant activity, Phenolic compounds, Flavonoids, Ferric reducing antioxidant power 
557020018-8 Miss THITIYA SRIPAKDEE [Main Author]
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