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Research Title Fit Buddy: A Mobile Application for Fitness Tracking Using the Always-On Low-Power Sensor 
Date of Distribution 13 March 2015 
     Title of the Conference Mobile and Wireless Technology 2015  
     Organiser iCatse 
     Conference Place Bangkok, Thailand 
     Province/State Bangkok 
     Conference Date 22 June 2015 
     To 24 June 2015 
Proceeding Paper
     Volume 310 
     Page 155-162 
     Editors/edition/publisher Springer Berlin Heidelberg 
     Abstract This paper presents an always-on and always accessible mobile application, namely Fit Buddy, which will help users track their personal fitness statistics. The application focuses on step counting from both walking and running using a smartphone. The Fit Buddy can be linked to a user’s social media account and rank the user’s fitness data compared with those of friends who are on the same social network. By utilizing SensorCore data from a smartphone, user’s daily steps, active time and location can be tracked and recorded without the need for human interaction because of the always-on aspect of the application. Users also have immediate access to the history data. The Fit Buddy makes personalized daily goals easier to commit and achieve. It gives the users a simple and effective method of motivation to do more exercise. 
555020116-4 Mr. KASIDIT WIJITSOPON [Main Author]
Science Master's Degree

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