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Title of Article Influence of curing conditions on properties of high calcium fly ash geopolymer containing Portland cement as additive 
Date of Acceptance 4 July 2013 
     Title of Journal Materials and Design 
     Standard SCOPUS 
     Institute of Journal elsevier 
     Volume 2014 
     Issue 53 
     Month January
     Year of Publication 2015 
     Page 269–274 
     Abstract This paper investigated the mechanical properties and microstructure of high calcium fly ash geopolymer containing ordinary Portland cement (OPC) as additive with different curing conditions. Fly ash (FA) was replaced with OPC at dosages of 0%, 5%, 10%, and 15% by weight of binders. Setting time and microstructure of geopolymer pastes, and flow, compressive strength, porosity and water absorption of geopolymer mortars were studied. Three curing methods viz., vapour-proof membrane curing, wet curing and temperature curing were used. The results showed that the use of OPC as additive improved the properties of high calcium fly ash geopolymer. The strength increased due to the formation of additional C–S–H and C–A–S–H gel. Curing methods also significantly affected the properties of geopolymers with OPC. Vapour-proof membrane curing and water curing resulted in additional OPC hydration and led to higher compressive strength. The temperature curing resulted in a high early compressive strength development. 
     Keyword Geopolymer; High calcium fly ash; Portland cement; Additive; Curing condition 
557040010-2 Mr. SAENGSUREE PANGDAENG [Main Author]
Engineering Doctoral Degree

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