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Title of Article Static Voltage Stability Margin Enhancement using Shunt Capacitor, SVC and STATCOM 
Date of Acceptance 6 April 2015 
     Title of Journal Applied Mechanics and Materials 
     Standard SCOPUS 
     Institute of Journal Trans Tech Publications Inc 
     ISBN/ISSN 978-3-03835-505-2 
     Year of Publication 2015 
     Abstract This paper presents the study of static voltage stability margin enhancement using shunt capacitor, SVC and STATCOM. AC and DC representations of shunt compensation devices are used in the continuation power flow process. The best location and optimal sizing techniques of reactive power support devices are proposed for enhancing the static voltage stability margin. Various analyzed approaches including voltage profiles, PV curves, real power losses and reactive power losses are used to verify the effectiveness of the devices. The study has been carried out on the IEEE 14 bus test system. 
     Keyword static voltage stability, shunt capacitor, SVC, STATCOM 
557040016-0 Mr. NATAKORN THASNAS [Main Author]
Engineering Doctoral Degree

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