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Research Title Micro-Shear Bond Strength on different Surface Treatments of Componeer Brilliant. 
Date of Distribution 19 November 2017 
     Title of the Conference The 65th Annual Meeting of Japanese Association for Dental Research/JADR 
     Organiser Japanese Association for Dental Research 
     Conference Place School of Dentistry, SHOWA UNIVERSITY 
     Province/State Tokyo 
     Conference Date 18 November 2017 
     To 19 November 2017 
Proceeding Paper
     Volume 2017 
     Page 126 
     Abstract Objectives: To compare micro-shear bond strength of resin composite to componeer billiant which was treated with different surface treatment methods and morphology analysis with SEM. Methods: 90 Componeer brilliant divided into 6 groups, 15 specimens each along surface treatment methods ; No surface treatment (control), Phosphoric acid, Diamond bur, Sandblast, Diamond bur-Phosphoric acid, SandblastPhosphoric acid. All specimens were bonded to composite resin. After polymerization, the specimens were aged by thermocycling machine for 500 cycles and fractured by universal testing machine in micro-shear mode. The fracture mode of all specimens were examined stereomicroscope. Additional surface treatment of Componeer brilliant were analyzed morphologic with SEM. Results: Componeer brilliant was treated with Sandblast-Phosphoric acid had the maximum bond strength (19.91±2.52 MPa) and significantly different when compared to control group (p-value <0.001) followed by Diamond bur-Phosphoric acid, Sandblast, Diamond bur and Phosphoric acid in decreasing order. Control group showed the minimum bond strength (14.82±1.59 MPa). Adhesive failure from fracture analysis showed the maximum 53.33%. SEM evaluation showed irregularities for Diamond bur, Sandblast and combination with Phosphoric acid. Conclusions: Sandblast-Phosphoric acid can be a good alternative for surface treatment in Componeer Brilliant as compared to other surface treatment.  
585130007-9 Mr. PARINYA TANAWET [Main Author]
Dentistry Master's Degree

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