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Research Title Laotian Petty Traders: The Circular Flow of Economics on Thai - Lao PDR Border Marketplace  
Date of Distribution 3 November 2017 
     Title of the Conference 13th International Conference on Humanities & Social Sciences 2017 (IC-HUSO 2017)  
     Organiser Faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences  
     Conference Place Faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences  
     Province/State Khon Kaen  
     Conference Date 2 November 2017 
     To 3 November 2017 
Proceeding Paper
     Volume 13 
     Page 2119-2131 
     Abstract This paper aims to investigate the circular flow of economic of Laotian petty traders in the Border Trade Checkpoint at Nong Mon Village, Nong Khai Province. Qualitative methodological approach has been applied in the study. Using data collection from both secondary data and primary data by In-depth interviews, participant observation and non-participant observations are applied as research instruments in order to collect primary data from key informants, who are community seniors, Thai government officers, Lao trans-border petty traders and trans-border trading stakeholders. According to the research, The Border Trade Checkpoint, Nong Mon Village has economic, social and cultural - based relations for a long time, that means international rule could not apply to this area. As people have to hold the Government principal which is mainly focusing on the beneficial of Government to classify “Legal” and “Illegal” trading activities which need to be protected and suppressed all illegal trading activities. Since the Border Trade Checkpoint at Nong Mon Village has a special structure which comprises various actors for trans-border trading area management, it creates a space for people to continuing some trading activities under the loose rules. To work within the trans-border economic context smoothly, the Laotian petty traders have to negotiate, fight, strive forward and adjust themselves to survive in both departure area and destination area.  
585080038-5 Miss SUDARAT SRIUBON [Main Author]
Humanities and Social Sciences Master's Degree

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