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Research Title “Wild Fauna” The Definitions of Trans-Border Prohibited Commodities in the Context of Global Development  
Date of Distribution 11 May 2018 
     Title of the Conference 9th NEU–KKU International Conference on Socio-economic and Environmental Issues in Development 
     Organiser National Economics University (NEU) 
     Conference Place ็็Hung Yuong University 
     Province/State Vietnam 
     Conference Date 11 May 2018 
     To 12 April 2018 
Proceeding Paper
     Page 141-150 
     Abstract The objective of this paper aims to study the definitions of trans-border commodities between the border marketplaces of Thailand and Laos at Nong Mon village trade checkpoint, Nong Khai province. The data is applied for this study is from qualitative research methodological approach by collecting documentary data and fieldwork data. For the collecting data in field, the researcher interviewed the respondents by in-depth interview, also applied the participatory observation and none-participatory observation techniques. The result of this study defines the definitions of forest products as wildlife and wild plant species which are trans-border commodities. The definitions have been being defined through the dynamic of ages affected by conductions of international relation policies in order to develop and regulate border areas which are influenced by supranational organizations concepts and disseminated through the nations and local borders. Those influenced the forest products in the past that used to be “the traditional commodities” have become “the prohibited commodities” in the border marketplace.  
585080038-5 Miss SUDARAT SRIUBON [Main Author]
Humanities and Social Sciences Master's Degree

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