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Title of Article Adult of Neochauliodes punctatolosus Liu and Yang, 2006 and life history of Neochauliodes sp. (Megaloptera: Corydalidae) in headwater streams, Thailand 
Date of Acceptance 17 October 2018 
     Title of Journal วารสารวิทยาศาสตร์ มข. 
     Standard TCI 
     Institute of Journal คณะวิทยาศาสตร์ มข. 
     ISBN/ISSN 2856-9531 
     Volume 46 
     Month ต.ค.-ธ.ค.
     Year of Publication 2018 
     Page 664-677 
     Abstract Diversity and life history of fishflies (Megaloptera: Corydalidae: Chauliodinae) were explored, which focusing on larval and adult stages at two headwater streams (Yakruae and Phromlaeng streams) during October 2013 to December 2014. Fifteen adults of Neochauliodes puntatolosus Liu and Yang, 2006 were found in October 2013 and during June to September 2014 which consisted of 12 males and a female at Yakruae stream and two males at Phromlaeng stream. Adult showed sexual dimorphism, the male had pectinated antenna and the female had sub-serrated antenna, body size of female was larger than male. It seemed that emergence of N. puntatolosus tend to be more males than females from these two headwater streams. Only one morphospecies of Neochauliodes larvae was found. Neochauliodes sp. larvae had more abundance at Yakruae stream (n=88) than those of Phromlaeng stream (n=6). Even though Yakruae stream had less dissolved oxygen and higher electrical conductivity and total dissolved solid than those of Phromlaeng stream (p<0.05). Neochauliodes sp. larvae have a pair of elongated respiratory tube which allowed them to utilize atmospheric oxygen while they remain submerged in low dissolved oxygen. Measurement of larval head capsule width showed Neochauliodes sp. has 11 larval size classes and a non-seasonal, univoltine life history pattern. 
     Keyword fishflies, headwater streams, univoltine 
555020282-7 Mrs. FATEEMAH MAHAMA [Main Author]
Science Master's Degree

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