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Title of Article Implementation of static line voltage stability indices for improved static voltage stability margin 
Date of Acceptance 27 March 2019 
     Title of Journal Journal of Electrical and Computer Engineering 
     Standard ISI 
     Institute of Journal Hindawi Limited 
     Year of Publication 2019 
     Abstract Nowadays, the changes of economic, environment and regulations are forcing the electric utilities to operate systems at maximum capacity. Therefore, the operation and control of power system to improve the system stability has been receiving a great deal of attention. This paper presents an approach for enhancing the static voltage stability margin and reducing the power losses of the system with voltage security constrained optimal power flow (VSC-OPF) that is based on static line voltage stability indices. The control approaches incorporate the voltage stability criteria into the conventional OPF. The minimization of the summation of fast voltage stability index (FVSI), line stability index (Lmn) and line voltage stability index (LVSI) are used as the objective functions. The performance and effectiveness of the purposed control approaches are evaluated on the standard IEEE 30-bus, 57-bus, and 118-bus test systems under normal and contingency conditions. The comparison analysis is carried out with different cases including minimization of generation cost. The proposed control approaches indicate the promising results and offer efficient countermeasures against the voltage instability of the system. 
     Keyword voltage stability; power loss; static line voltage stability indices; voltage security constrained optimal power flow 
557040016-0 Mr. NATAKORN THASNAS [Main Author]
Engineering Doctoral Degree

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