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Title of Article Sodium caseinate-magnesium aluminum silicate nanocompositefilms formodified-release tablets 
Date of Acceptance 17 July 2018 
     Title of Journal Material Science and Engineering C 
     Standard SCOPUS 
     Institute of Journal elsevier B. V. 
     ISBN/ISSN 09284931, 18730191 
     Volume 2018 
     Issue 92 
     Month November
     Year of Publication 2018 
     Page 827-839 
     Abstract The aim of this study was to investigate the effect of clay, magnesium aluminum silicate (MAS), on the propertiesof sodium caseinate (SC) dispersions andfilms. Moreover, the SC-MAS dispersions were evaluated forfilmcoating of modified-release tablets. The results showed that MAS addition led to particleflocculation andviscosity synergism in the SC-MAS dispersions. Exfoliated or intercalated nanocomposites of the SC-MASfilmscould be formed because of the molecular interaction of both components via hydrogen bonding. The puncturestrength and elongation of the dry SCfilms decreased with increasing MAS ratios. However, MAS added en-hanced the puncture strength of the wetfilms and reduced drug permeability and diffusivity across thefilms inacidic medium because of lower water uptake and denser matrix structure of thefilms. The SC-MAS dispersionsshowed strong potential for use as afilm coating material with few defects in the coated acetaminophen (ACT)tablets. The ACT release of the coated tablets in acidic medium was modified by varying the MAS ratios andfilmcoating levels. In addition, the SC-MAS coated tablets possessed sustained-release behavior for the drug undersimulated gastrointestinal conditions. Thisfinding indicates that the SC-MAS nanocompositefilms can be ap-plied as a tablet coating material to modify drug release. 
     Keyword Sodium caseinate, Magnesium aluminum silicate, Nanocomposites, FilmsTablet coating, Drug release 
577150002-0 Miss WANASSNANT KAJTHUNYAKARN [Main Author]
Pharmaceutical Sciences Doctoral Degree

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