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Title of Article Development Of The Empowerment Program For Quality Of Life And PhysicalActivities Of Daily Living For Elderly People 
Date of Acceptance 18 July 2018 
     Title of Journal Turkish Online Journal of Educational Technology 
     Standard OTHER (Education Resources Information Center – ERIC) 
     Institute of Journal Sakarya University 
     ISBN/ISSN Special Issue for INTE - ITIC AM - IDEC 2018 ISSN 2146-7242  
     Volume 2018 
     Issue Volume 1 
     Month November
     Year of Publication 2019 
     Page 424-428 
     Keyword Daily living; elderly people; empowerment program; physical activities; quality of life 
587050041-8 Miss POOSANISA MAHAWARAKORN [Main Author]
Education Doctoral Degree

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