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Title of Article Reducing the Waste in the Manufacturing of Sprockets Using Smart Value Stream Mapping to Prepare for the 4.0 Industrial Era. 
Date of Acceptance 25 August 2019 
     Title of Journal Review of Integrative Business and Economics Research (RIBER)  
     Standard OTHER (ProQuest) 
     Institute of Journal The Society of Interdisciplinary Business Research (SIBR) 
     Volume 2020 
     Year of Publication 2019 
     Page 158-173 
     Abstract The current manufacturing process of sprockets will need to incorporate the use of digital technology and artificial intelligence to improve its efficiency in order to prepare for the 4.0 industrial era. Even though inefficiencies will always be present in manufacturing processes, it is the objective of this research to reduce the inefficiencies in the manufacturing process of sprockets. The aim is to adapt and use Smart Value Stream Mapping to improve the manufacturing process to be ready for the 4.0 industrial era. The researcher has collected data from 22 key informants by way of observation and in-depth interviews. The data was then analyzed using the IDEF0 function modeling methodology and the manufacturing time was also studied. Pareto diagram and Why-Why analysis were also used. Smart Value Stream Mapping was adapted and used along with these methods. The research found that once the inefficiencies have been reduced by using Smart Value Stream Mapping to improve the manufacturing process, the efficiency of the manufacturing process increased by 74.05%. This resulted in an 9.93% reduction in manufacturing time, increasing the manufacturing capacity by 11.11%. This amounted to a 199,857 Baht increase in annual revenue for the manufacturer. The insights gained from this research can also be adapted to help improve other manufacturing lines in the future. 
     Keyword Reduction of Inefficiencies, Manufacturing Process of Sprockets, Smart Value Stream Mapping, 4.0 Industrial Era. 
605740215-6 Mr. PRASERT YUPHIN [Main Author]
College of Graduate Study in Management Master's Degree

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