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Research Title Reducing Loss in Healthy Juices Production with Productivity Improvement 4.0  
Date of Distribution 4 July 2019 
     Title of the Conference SIBR 2019 Osaka conference 
     Organiser The society of Interdiscriplinary Business Research(SIBR) 
     Conference Place Ark hotel  
     Province/State Osaka japan 
     Conference Date 4 July 2019 
     To 5 July 2019 
Proceeding Paper
     Volume 8(2019) 
     Issue 4(๋July) 
     Page 12 
     Editors/edition/publisher Michael K Fung Editor, Review of Integrative Business & Economics Research 
     Abstract Reducing loss in production with productivity improvement 4.0 has a crucial role in the use of technology for efficient production development. The objective of this research was to measure the productivity increase rate in healthy juices in order to present the pathway for loss reduction in healthy juices with productivity improvement 4.0. The author collected data from informants through 14 activities including observation and in-depth interview, before analyzing the received data with the Integrated Definition for Function Modeling & Value Stream Mapping (IDEF & VSM), using Solver Version 2016. According to the study, it was found that the loss reduction in healthy juices occurs during the cutting process, the boiling process, and the pasteurizing process. After checking the productivity increase in healthy juices production, the total time spending is 8 hours and the rate of is 6.66 minutes/bottle; the total amount is 2,880 bottles, which is lower than the expectation. The author, therefore, offered the pathway for loss reduction in healthy juices with productivity improvement 4.0 and found that it is able to reduce the loss during the activity, resulting in the productivity increasing to 4,000 bottles. Within 8 hours, the productivity rate is 4.80 minutes/bottle, an increasing number of 38.88%. This benefits the entrepreneurs to increase productivity efficiently and effectively. 
605740206-7 Miss NUNTAPUK PONCHAI [Main Author]
College of Graduate Study in Management Master's Degree

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