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Date of Acceptance 6 June 2020 
     Title of Journal International Journal of Advanced Science and Technology 
     Standard SCOPUS 
     Institute of Journal Science and Engineering Research Support Society  
     ISBN/ISSN 2005-4238  
     Volume 29 
     Issue 11 
     Month JUNE
     Year of Publication 2020 
     Page 599-603 
     Abstract This research aimed to analyze student teachers classroom observation. The target group consisted of 6 student teachers consisting of 3 student teachers in Mathematics Education and 3 student teachers in Science Education, during 2019. By using qualitative research methods under the teaching practice context in schools; using Lesson Study and Open Approach. The tools used for data collection were the lesson plan, voice recorder, and video cameras. The data analysis is a content analysis was under the framework of the classroom observation guidelines [1] in the context of the classroom using Lesson Study by analyzing from the document, planning the lesson video, discussing the video. Including a semi-structured interview about class observation. The resultsof the research were as follows: 1) The student teachers have collected data on evidence of students’ ideas, including events that occurred in the class by handwritten notes only.There are still issues that are missing and do not cover all the students’ ideas that occur in the classroom, but the reflection period has exchanged noticeable things with the Lesson Study team. Student teachers can give reasoning and methods for managing students’ idea of teachers from recorded class data to reflect together, and 3) student teachers can give reasons to sort the discussion of students' idea by analyzing interpret and be able to students' idea with the goal of the lesson based on the evidence or empirical concepts of students that are confirmed. 
     Keyword Lesson Study, Open Approach, Classroom Observation 
615050020-5 Mr. YUTTHAPONG CHANAPUNTH [Main Author]
Education Master's Degree

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