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Title of Article A Development of Mathematics Lesson by Using Dbook Pro. 
Date of Acceptance 6 June 2020 
     Title of Journal International Journal of Advanced Science and Technology 
     Standard SCOPUS 
     Institute of Journal Science and Engineering Research Support Society 
     ISBN/ISSN 2005-4238 
     Volume 29 
     Issue 11 
     Month 6
     Year of Publication 2020 
     Page 566 - 570 
     Abstract The purpose of this research was to develop Mathematics Lesson by Using Dbook Pro. The target group was 9th grade students during 2019 academic year which use Lesson Study and Open Approach according to Inprasitha (2011; 2017). The instruments were: 1) 9th Mathematics textbook 2) Voice Recorder 3) Video Recorder 4) Camera. The Lesson Study teams which do Lesson Study weekly cycle comprised of the experts and graduated students. Research conducted under Lesson Study Framework of Inprasitha (2011; 2014; 2017) which consists of 3 steps; (1) planning Mathematics Lesson by using Dbook Pro (2) The use of Mathematics Lesson by using Dbook Pro in the classroom base on Open Approach (3) Reflection of the use Mathematics Lesson by using Dbook Pro in the classroom. Data collection had 2 Lesson Study cycles with 3 classroom. Data analysis was based on Classroom Protocol, Worksheet, Students interview and reflection of the Lesson Study team. The results revealed that : 1) The Lesson Plan with instructional media based on dbook Pro and real object was developed by Lesson Study team that validity because the team consist of the experts and try-out process with Open Approach. Electronics board from dbook Pro can expand importance part and students’ idea more clearly, increase student learning efficiency and teachers could prepare the board before real teaching. (2) the results of student learning based on the focus group interview and observation in classroom showed students’ participate and it caused students positivity perspective with learning mathematics and Learned that Mathematics could Integrate with Arts and physicals education. 
     Keyword Lesson Study, Open Approach, Dbook Pro 
615050116-2 Miss TATIYAPORN KHOTTHANOO [Main Author]
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