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Title of Article Fuel Potential Values of Biomass Charcoal Powder 
Date of Acceptance 7 May 2021 
     Title of Journal Biomass Conversion and Biorefinery 
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     Institute of Journal Springer-Verlag GmbH Germany, part of Springer Nature 
     ISBN/ISSN 2190-6823 
     Volume 11 
     Month May
     Year of Publication 2021 
     Abstract This study was aimed to investigate the chemical composition and fuel potential of charcoal powder. In this study, charcoal powders were obtained from 3 sources. The first group was charcoal from industrial factories, consisting of charcoal from the biomass power plant (CBPP). The second group was charcoal from a by-product of agricultural products, consisting of rice husk coal (RHC), coconut-shell coal (CSC), corn cob coal (CCC), cassava stump coal (CStC), and eucalyptus bark coal (EuBC). The third group was charcoal from recycling vegetal coal, consisting of recycling eucalyptus coal (REuC) and recycling assorted wood coal (RAWC). The potential values of charcoal powder by proximate analysis revealed 5.3–50.8% ash content, 12.9– 27.2% volatile matter, and 25–81% fixed carbon. The ultimate analysis indicated that the charcoal powder contained 28.23– 90.44% carbon, 0–2.66% hydrogen, 0.06–2.01% nitrogen, and 0–18.27% oxygen, at dry basis condition. The fuel property revealed the heating value to range from 3,274 to 8,135 cal/g at dry basis condition. The overall results revealed that CCC, CSC, REuC, RAWC, and CBPP had a high potential for charcoal briquette production and could be used as themain ingredients,while CStC, EuBC, and RHC should be used as the secondary ingredients to meet the standard of charcoal briquette production. 
     Keyword Biomass charcoal .Charcoal frombiomasspower plant .Charcoal fromby-product ofagricultural products .Recycling vegetal coal 
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