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Date of Acceptance 18 August 2021 
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     Abstract This article was a part of research titled Isan Tattoo: Pattern and Beliefs for Fashion design which aimed to study the patterns and beliefs of Isan Tattoo. The study had collected data from literature reviews and field study i.e. survey, observation, interview, included target population such as key informants, casual informants, and general informants. The study results were analyzed by the aesthetic and semiology theory, then presented by descriptive analysis. The study results indicated that the Isan Tattoo was found in four ethnics, namely, Tai-Lao, Nyaw, Phu Tai, and Khalerng ethnic groups which can be divided into three prototypes as were follows: 1) Image tattoo, 2) Pattern tattoo, and 3) Mystic symbol from the four ethnics. These prototypes reveal that the tattoos were applied from natural material and household usage stuffs, namely, Creeper, Flower, Lotus, Pliers cutting, Geometric, Pineapple, Dog tooth, Ikat, Tamarind leaf, Cross, Composition, Circular, Scratch, Leaf, Fish scale, Decorative, Elephant nail, Serration, Star, Zigzag, and applied pattern which different in each ethnic group including, animals such as Mom (mythical animal) and bird for artistry purpose, the mom was embedded with all ethics based on shared characteristic among the ethnics. Moreover, the Mystic symbol tattoo in arm and body areas was embedded with the belief of incantations and significant tradition. In addition, the study results indicated the tattoo had been created out of the rules regarding customs, ceremonies, and beliefs as followed 1) Cultural resources belief, such as the charming symbols of love which were believed that the female would marry as marriage selection criteria, maturity as the symbol of forbearing, and also being the symbols of unity in the community as the tradition which had been conducted for a long time, 2) Dark magic belief which people believe that it would help to protect the form the supernatural or dark power, however, the people who have the tattoos must behave themselves with the Five-percept in the Buddhism i.e. prevent to have an affair, consume snake, dog, elephant, and monkey. On one hand, the belief of tattoo would help to promote charming, power, immortality, and protection from dangerous things. 
     Keyword Pattern, Beliefs, Isan Tattoo 
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