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Title of Article Demand-Supply Matching Platform of GAP Vegetables Between Modern Trade and Hospital Matching with Community Enterprise: A Collaborative Brainstorming to Agribusiness Development 
Date of Acceptance 26 January 2023 
     Title of Journal NeuroQuantology 
     Standard SCOPUS 
     Institute of Journal Universities and research institutions in Turkey 
     ISBN/ISSN 1303-5150 
     Volume 21 
     Month January
     Year of Publication 2023 
     Page 705-719 
     Abstract Vegetable production in response to consumer needs is a challenge that involved sectors needing to work in concert to address. The study entitled the agribusiness development by collaborative brainstorming for the development of a demand-supply matching platform (DSMP) of good agricultural practices (GAP) vegetables between modern trade and hospital matching with community enterprises in Roi Et Province was conducted during the period July 2020 to September 2022 The findings as cognitive information demonstrated that all parties accepted each other’s proposition; as a result, that led to the creation of the platform with fairness and balance between demand and supply. The developed platform consisted of four sub-platforms. The first one is Kham Pha-Ung Vegetables Community Enterprise (KPUVCE) x Their farmer network is a collaborative platform of the supply sector and serves to produce vegetables to the specified quantity and to manage production risks. Another named KPUVCE x Hospital is a direct order matching platform between KPUVCE and a hospital with a short credit term. The third one referred to as KPUVCE x Subcontract of modern trade (middleman) is an indirect order matching platform between KPUVCE and modern trade through a subcontractor of modern trade to relieve the limitations of a long credit term of modern trade paid to KPUVCE with inadequate working capital for management; the subcontract of modern trade pays cash or offers a short credit term to farmers. The final one, KPUVCE x Extension sector x Modern trade x Hospital is a collaboration promotion platform. As a result, it was found that KPUVCE could increase vegetables for modern trade and hospitals by 85% on average, and only 15% which is a challenge to DSMP balance. 
     Keyword Participatory development, Agricultural development, Agricultural extension 
625030011-9 Mr. PIYANAT SETJANT [Main Author]
Agriculture Master's Degree

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