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Title of Article Effects of Waxy Types of a Sugarcane Stalk Surface on the Spectral Characteristics of Visible-Shortwave Near Infrared measurement 
Date of Acceptance 24 October 2018 
     Title of Journal ENGINEERING JOURNAL 
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     Institute of Journal มหาวิทยาลัยจุฬาลงกรณ์ 
     Year of Publication 2018 
     Abstract The precision of spectroscopic methods was frequently affected by the identity of the inhomogeneous materials, especially for direct scanning. This research aimed to investigate the effects of waxy types, naturally found on sugarcane surface, on spectral characteristics. A portable Vis/SWNIR instrument with interactance mode across wavelength of 570-1031 nm was used for direct scanning the cane stalk. Principal component analysis (PCA) was applied to examine the differences in the spectra scanned from 180 samples, including 3 types of waxy type: white, black, and mixed black and white. Seven widespread pretreatments were employed to reduce the effect of the waxy types. Results show that the spectra of the samples with each waxy type was separated in groups and standard normal variate (SNV) pretreatment gave the best results. However, it was not able to eliminate the effect compared to the wax-removed samples. Meanwhile, the standard deviation of absorbance values, at the wavelength of 760, 904 and 970 nm of 3 samples, was used for assessing the repeatability and reproducibility. The samples where the waxy covers were removed provided a lower standard deviation of absorbance values of spectra than the best pretreated spectra that used SNV of the samples that retained its waxy covers by one to six times. Thus, the waxy material on cane surface should be removed before collecting spectra. 
     Keyword sugarcane quality, visible-shortwave near infrared spectroscopy, cane stalk, PCA. 
595040033-0 Mr. ARTHIT PHUPHAPHUD [Main Author]
Engineering Master's Degree
Engineering Master's Degree

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